Hello everyone!

I am Mr Langvatn, or Mr L as many call me due to difficulties pronuncing my name. Many of you know me from the fm-base forum, where I have made many contributions over the last four years. I started making tactics for fm-base users in 2013, and they were very well recieved, where my largest thread in FM13 had almost 1.5 million views. In the years after that I have had a little less time for FM, but I have tried to contribute to the community as much as I could next to work, school and family life. 

As a big part of my tactic creation, I have always had a big focus on proper tactic testing, trying to get as accurate test results as possible. This is an important step in creating tactics, because when it comes to the fine tuning, there is no way to measure a tweak if you do not have an extremely accurate testing system. So, over the years, I have perfected this system as much as possible, in collaboration with my test team (various members over the years).

Our crew for FM17 consists of me, Lucio, Francesco, Jesper, Jairo and Luigi. Many of you already know Lucio, Francesco, Jesper and Jairo from fm-base, and Luigi is this website’s creator and main admin. We all have different tasks, where I will spend most of my time creating tactics and testing environments (databases + testing parameters). Lucio, Jesper and Jairo are our main tactic testers, while Francesco and Luigi manage the website and perhaps help out with tactic testing when they can. Even though these are our main priorities, I am sure that you will see articles and other good content from most of us. I trust every person in our crew 100%, and I could not have found better people to work with. Of course, we may have some different opinions, but we have always been able to discuss them openly and reach a common consensus. Communication is key to the project we are now working on.

Some of you may wonder why we left fm-base to create our own site instead. Well, there are several reasons for that. Firstly, a single thread does not cover our needs for structure and space for our FM17 plans. Secondly, Lucio, Francesco and Luigi have good experience in website creation and management, so a new website was «there for the taking» (Neal Caffrey, White Collar). Why not use the skills we have in our crew to our advantage? Thirdly, we think it will be a fun experience!

We hope to be able to offer you a unique FM fansite experience. We are working on many new ideas to make the site as unique as possible, and we want to stand out in the crowd of other sites. Our aim is for this website to be the number one go-to site for FM players. In order for us to reach our goal, we need feedback from you, so if you have any problems with the interface, or if you have ideas for new features, please write a post about it in the «future ideas» thread. Furthermore, we would be very grateful if you could help us spread the word about the site, as we have no money for proper marketing.

See you in the forum!

Best wishes to all,
Mr L