Plan for the future - DevBlog#1

Plan for the future - DevBlog#1


This blog series is about me developing this site.
This is gonna be a really inconstant "blog series", but I'll try my best to keep you updated.

Sometimes I'm gonna be more technical, other times less. I don't really know what this is gonna go every time, I'll just write what I feel :)


The idea of Mr L Tactics started almost a year ago, I knew Francesco and He introduced me Kenneth (MrLangvatn) who exposed me his idea to create the perfect environment to create and test tactics.

In few months of developing we decided the name and bought the domain, then in the summer, I started developing a totally different version of the site, but due to lack of time and other developers, I decided to "pivot" the whole project using different technologies with production-ready solutions.


So at this moment this site is developed entirely with Node.js, it is composed of a 'blogish' part (this one) using Ghost, and in the core part: the forum using NodeBB, which I choose due to his expandability.

The main functionalities (registration, posting, messaging, uploading/downloading files) are already functional.

I'm actually working on the main feature of this site, something that is gonna help you a lot becoming the best manager in your career in Football Manager. Trust me: you are really gonna really like this feature. Spoiler in MrL's latest blog.

We have a bunch of ideas that are gonna change the way you play FM, to implement them all we need a lot of time, but if everything goes as these first days we're gonna expand really fast and we hope other people will want to join our staff!


At the moment the staff is composed of 7 people with a different focus: 1 tactician, 1 community manager, 1 main tester, 3 writers, and last but not least, me as the developer.

Francesco, Kenneth, Lucio and Me, as founders are also the funders. We spent and will spend a lot of time in this project having also a job/school/family to follow, aiming to offer you the best community experience possible, so we really appreciate feedback on what you like/dislike! ;-)


In the future, I hope we can expand with new people in both the dev's and community's staff, with new functionalities (we have a lot of things in mind!) and also a lot of new content!
But we need your cooperation, without users all these features are useless, so what are you waiting for? JOIN US!