Site development update -Mr L Blog #2

Hi everyone!

The last couple of days we have been working on finding writers for our site. We need to find someone who is just as passionate about Football Manager as us, and who loves to contribute to this fantastic community (you guys). As soon as we have 1-2 writers in place, we can move on to improve other parts of the site. For example, Luigi is working on a tactic selection tool for the website that will be really cool once we started with our tactic testing, after full release. Furthermore, Lucio will possibly soon start working on setting up a Youtube channel, and I am working a little bit on trying to spread the word about the website, next to getting to know the new game of course.

I know that the content of the site is fairly limited at the moment, but this will change quickly after full release, as the main focus of our website, and the thing that makes our site different than all others, is tactic testing on a large scale. In the beginning, we will test tactics from other forums also, but we are working on getting all the best tacticians here to this site, so in the end I hope we can just focus on the tactics that are posted here. When we have more users and more tacticians here, we will start hosting tactic contests, maybe multiplayer tournaments, challenges, etc.

I will also create some tactics myself, but I have no intention of participating in any of these contests or tactic tests myself. Francesco will lead the tactic testing team (we may need more testers in the future), and Lucio will probably help him in the beginning. But, with Lucio's experience with video editing and app development for Android, he is needed for many other projects also :)

Anyway, we hope that you will check in on the site now and then. The content will come rapidly once the full game is out! :) I also want to mention that we really appreciate all feedback (about the website) that is posted on the forum, so please leave a comment or two if you have the time!

My best wishes to all,
Mr L