Top Free Agents in FM 17- Attackers

Top Free Agents in FM 17- Attackers

The eyes of every football manager light up when they hear the word ‘Free agent’. A host of clubs will be lining up to sign a player who, they feel, still has something to offer. Any club would love this as they get their dream signing while shelling out little penny. Robert Lewandowski, Andrea Pirlo, Michael Ballack, Sol Campbell, Sami Khedira, Ruud Gullit and Esteban Cambiasso are few of the biggest names to have been snapped up for free. Some were Bosman transfers though, meaning they were never out of contract before being signed by another club. But, we are going to look some free agents in FM 17 who are still out of contract and can be signed if the deal is right.

Well, let's go through the list without further ado.

1. Antonio Di Natale

The Naples born legend is the first on our list. He served Udinese for 12 years and scored 191 goals to help their cause. The veteran still has top technical and mental attributes to play for a couple of more years. His lethal finishing, first touch, technique, passing and vision make him an great creator and an excellent finisher. Signing him is a no-brainer in my book.


2. Dimitar Berbatov

The Premier league legend made his mark at Tottenham and later joined Manchester United before moving on to Fulham. He is 35 nowadays but an extraordinary first touch, slick technique and great passing just goes on to prove age is just another number. His cool composure and vision are 16+ in FM 17 as well. Buy him already before another club pounces on this chance. Mind you, they will.


3. Miroslav Klose

The German needs no introduction. A renowned marksman, he is the all-time highest scorer in World cups with 16 goals. Most of his goals were headers and age has not made him any softer as he still has a rating of 18 for Heading in FM 17. Good mental attributes and a powerful header mean that he can be a great signing for a mid-table side looking to move up in a top league.


4. Fernando Cavenaghi

The striker had multiple stints at River plate but is not well known in Europe as he played there only for a brief period. But, Cavenaghi still has something left in him as his finishing attribute of 16 indicates. His other attributes like off-the-ball, composure and first-touch which are vital for a striker, are decent as well. At 32, he seems like a player who can carry on for a few more years and pop in a few goals for your side.


5. Allef

A 20 year old with high potential is hard to find on any Free Agent list. But Allef, the Brazilian, is one. His technical attributes are already decent and it can only improve with time. A good mentor to tutor him can make a huge difference in raising his tender mental attributes. A signing to be made with the next few years in mind.


6. Kevin Kuranyi

Another German striker makes the cut and a one who is similar to Klose. His heading ability of 18 indicates that he is the target man that your club has been looking for. His good mental attributes and physical attributes, which are not shabby at all for a 34 year old, only drive his stock up.


7. Ronaldinho

A legend! Do I need say more? A world cup winner and a player who has won every single honor available in Europe. I would grab him if I was in a mid-table club which can still afford him. He still has the technique which can make even the best players today envious. His deteriorated physical attributes mean that you have pick your matches to play him. But still a really good signing in my book.


8. Stefano Mauri

The Lazio legend is available for free in this year’s edition of FM. He can still be useful at any Italian club despite being 36 years old now. A back up for the top sides and a rotation player for the others, he can serve them with the backing of his outstanding mental attributes. If you are looking for a tutor who can also contribute in big games, look no further.


9. Leon Osman

Osman was a devoted servant of Everton for the last 12 years and is still an absolutely terrific player. He is 35 years old these days, but when you look at his first touch, passing, technique and resounding mental attributes, you will forget about his age. He can still play a crucial role for a side looking to stay in the Premier league or a side looking to break into mid-table.


10. Oscar

The 33 year old former Valladolid player is a typical Spanish footballer with excellent technical ability. A passer with great vision, who can play in the hole between the strikers and the mid-field, is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. The Spaniard ticks all these boxes and more. A must-buy for mid table sides in any of the top leagues.


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