Top Free Agents in FM 17- Defenders

Top Free Agents in FM 17- Defenders

We saw the list of attackers who were free agents.In case you have missed that, check it out from the below link.

Top Free Agents in FM 17- Attackers

Now it is time to look at some top defenders who still have something to offer and are free to sign. A goal saved at one end is as good as a goal scored at the other end. With that in mind, lets get to the list.

1. Martin Caceres

It’s an early Christmas for managers looking to sign a top class defender for free. Martin Caceres has spent many years at two top clubs: Barcelona and Juventus. Although he has been a sporadic player at best, the experience of being in big clubs is bound to help. Another huge bonus is that he is a 29-year-old, meaning that he sill has a lot of good years left in him. I would sign him quickly as good defenders like him are at a premium nowadays.


2. Ricardo Carvalho

The Portuguese defender was one of the best at his position a few years back. Though he is 38 years old now, he can still play for a mid-table side. His mental attributes are really high apart from being a brilliant marker and a mean tackler. If you are in need of a short term fix at the centre-back position, he is you man. He can also take a young player under his wing and who knows, you might have yourself a future Carvalho.


3. Philippe Mexes

Mexes is 34 now, but I still feel he is a decent defender. He can defend well and he can lead your team from the back. The Frenchman has been in Italy for 12 years and has put in some good shifts for Roma and AC Milan. He possesses decent heading, marking and tackling attributes which are really required for a centre-back. He can also play the ball from the back as many defenders do nowadays.


4. Eleilson

We are going to find a few Brazilians in this list and 31-year-old Eleilson is the first. A player, who can rise above the rest and head the ball from danger thanks to his immense strength and heading ability, is what you get when you sign him. He can also tackle, mark and command the back line well. He might still have about five years left in him seeing as he is only 31. The Brazilian is not well-known in the European circle as he has spent his last seven years in China.


5. Felipe Santana

Santana has spent most of his years in Germany playing for Dortmund before moving to their bitter rivals Schalke. He is a free agent now at just 30. He might not be the best in this list but can definitely help a team avoid relegation or help a mid-table side rise in the table. He is one of the fastest defenders available in FM 17. His decent marking and heading abilities are good add-ons to his fast pace.


6. Alex

Alex is a stout defender who has played for Chelsea, PSG and AC Milan. We have seen Alex heading corners home time and again. He still retains that ability as indicated by his heading rating of 16. Apart from that, he has good marking, tackling and positioning attributes. Add to that his immense strength and you get a defender whom your opponents do not want to mess with.


7. Maicon

A player who has served Inter Milan really well before losing his way, Maicon is still a decent attacking right-back. He can’t play 90 minutes every week but when he does, he can run down the flanks well enough and can whip in some wicked crosses to help your cause. Maicon’s technical and mental attributes are still intact and he can play well for a few more years. If you are looking for a right back, he must be on your shortlist.


8. Marco Motta

The Italian right-back has played for a few clubs down the years and is a free agent now at 30. He can play for a side struggling at the bottle of the league table and put in some crosses to help create chances. The number of good full-backs is getting low each year and Motta can be a short term fix until you find a new one.


9. Danilo Soares

Soares is the only left-back in this list and this goes on to show how rare it is to find a good one for free. He is only 24 years old and still has a lot of years to improve his game. Signing him would fetch you a player who is quick over the 100 yards and can cross well. He was released by Ingolstadt at the end of the last season and he will be a good addition to the clubs of their stature at this point.


10. Joey O’Brien

The Irishman is a defensive right-back. After being released by West Ham, he is looking for a new club now. He is just 30 and has good attributes for tackling, positioning and marking. He is a team player who has an immense work rate. All these traits make him a strong full-back who can be a nightmare for those opposition wingers who try to exploit space in the flanks.